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So I finally got my labret pierced! Today I was sitting at the receptionists' counter at work and was talking to Jessica about it and all of a sudden I just thought, why the fuck not? I have no more excuses not to, my new job doesn't care. So after work I drove home and called up Sophia, went and picked her up, and went to Tattoo Evolution. It was crazy, I walked in the door and all of a sudden I hear.."Kim?? KIM?!" Yeah guess who it was - JOEY. Or should I say "Joe," as he goes by that now. He used to be in a tight group of friends with my sister growing up, and I haven't seen him in forever. It turns out him and his friend Shane were getting tattoos, which I'm sure turned out awesome. (They didn't get started on Joe's til after we left, so I didn't get to see it.) So we just stood around, waiting for the piercing guy and caught up. Then Shane was like "You two should come on my boss' yaht for the 4th of July." Umm..yes please? Haha I WAS going to throw a party for the 4th but it's like get drunk with a bunch of older, more mature people on a fucking gorgeous yaht - or throw a party with a bunch of teenagers who proabably don't give a shit about your belongings, or if your neighbors get pissed, etc. I mean I love my friends but I don't really trust them when it comes to parties where their #1 goal is getting wasted...and it's in my house. meh..
So anyways...after giving Joe my #, getting pierced, (the apprentice was hella cute), and leaving we went back to Lauren's to wait for these guys to show up & go to this party. It was really big, everyone was already drunk, and I had to take Nas home by 12 which was lucky because right when we left 2 cops came. It was all good though, I'm soo tired..and I have the company bbq to go to tomorrow. Mmm 4 kegs...

OOOHH there will be stories.
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