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ADD much?

Sooo the "If we're not going to live together, then we're going to act like it" charade didn't last long. Because I just moved in with him. So now we're living together like Sally and the weird guy in the wheelchair, because you know she poisons him all the time to go out with that emo boy Jack and...

what was I talking about?

Actually it's sickingly domestic, I'm even adopting a baby girl as soon as the opportunity arrises. A little fluffy white blue-eyed kitten, awwwwwww. I get all mushy thinking about it.

Sometimes I get caught up in questioning our relationship from the "normal" point of view. "Don't you think it's a little early to be living together? Isn't he too old for you? How is it going to work out in 10 years yadda yadda yadda?"

Hey society, here's a good answer - suck it. I do what I want.

I think it's fucking good to "do what you want" because it's what FEELS right, and god knows in 10 years hey there might be some regrets or whatever but at least you followed your heart and did what felt right instead of listening to "society." Because even if I'm making a huge mistake, I'm making a mistake I'll no doubt learn from and look on fondly for years to come.

I said that last bit because I honestly want to be connected with Chaz whether we're together or not, I honest to god want to be friends with him no matter what because I love him and think he's a great guy. It would be tough and would no doubt take time and whatnot but I am willing to take the time. Or maybe I would love him too much to just be friends with him? Who knows. The thought of breaking up is depressing but I it's something you have to think about even if it never happens, which I'm sure nobody WANTS to happen.

My dad just came into my work and asked about my kitten search, and kept discouraging me saying "It will be spending a lot of time alone, and how will your roommates feel about a catbox in the appartment?" I just shrugged. Hey that's not lying right? I don't have the energy to tell him I moved yet.

END NOTE: Okay listen up Bitch, aka Estevan, when you get back from Africa trying to enslave another tribal manwhore we'll talk about weaknesses okay? Okay.

get me one too
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