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i WILL have revenge

So tonight was 'birthday' night, even though it's not technically till monday. I fucking hate my birthday, my parents always find some way to ruin it every year. So tonight my dad gave me my present in front of my it's something to be proud of. A 'diamond' necklace. I don't know if it's real or not, but I would rather have the receipt so I could get the money. I swear he got me something he knew I would have no use for and would never wear on purpose. His girlfriend was like "If you don't want it, I'll have it" as a joke, but I seriously might just hand it to her on her way out. Fucking gay...or next time he bitches about money I'll throw the box at his head so he can go fill up his $20,000 motorcycle with gas and go ride around on it aimlessly.
And don't think this is what 'ruined' my birthday. He's been bitching at me for the last week, calling me a fuckup and all this is the least of it all I guess. Maybe I just thought he'd use some leftover braincells and get me something I needed, wanted, or liked for my birthday. Seriously...he might as well have gotten me nothing. At least that would have been funny. For a second. And my mom...yeah, probably won't even bother to pick up the phone and call to day 'Happy Birthday' this year. (again)

wow the past couple of entries have been so full of angst!!!! I LOVE IT. uhh...yeah, I guess that's what LJ is here for. To I don't take my anger out on a some asian with hair cooler than mine.

(edited to say: ALL asians have cooler hair than me. So watch the fuck out)

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