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pulled a 360

Well. Things have completely changed since that last entry. I swear, every fucking year one parent has to pull some bullshit and the other parent has to make up for it. It was my moms turn to be the bitch I guess (with the help of my sister) and my dad ended up coming through. Even though it's still a little awkward at least we're on speaking terms now. I feel hella bad because I'm about to tell him I want to take the necklace back (Yes it's real white gold with a quarter carat diamond) and I don't want to be an asshole about it. Shhiittt. And Rachel you fucking bitch you never answer your cell phone! haha. I wanted to find out if you were working tonight because I want to talk to Ali. Well I guess I'll find out in a few minutes, won't I? Uhghhgh I have Lauren's voice in my head so the way I'm typing is like the way she talks. What the flip?! <<yeah, she needs to stop saying that! I just got back from her house and I couldn't stop eating. I swear between me, Lauren, Sophia, and Ana we must have ate enough for a family of 10. Let's see I had a ton of chips and salsa, cookies, a couple glasses of juice, some mac n' cheese, pretzels, and a miniature apple pie. This was all between 2:30-4:30pm. I'm surprised we aren't a bunch of lard asses yet. That reminds me of this one comedian.. "Andre, just do me a favor, if I ever get fat...shoot me." "Well BANG bitch!"
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