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It was an honest mistake...

I'm so confused..! I have a date this friday with a guy I barely know, which is okay, because the whole point of a date is to get to know someone better, but the problem is when we have talked there was no...spark. It gives me a pessimistic outlook on this. ughh I HAVE THE MOST HOPELESS LOVELIFE OF ANYONE YOU WILL EVER KNOW!!! Why can't I meet a dark haired, scruffy guy with boyish charm that happens to be smart and funny?! Where are you?! I give up.

Sooo anyways, I found some photos that have long since been hidden. I thought I'd share given my recent tendency to be a camerawhore. The only newish picture is the last one, the rest are old.

Me and my brother, SO blurry
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The Mouth of Hell aka Mukilteo Beach
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The Good Times
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I hate that douche!
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My sorry attempt at artistic photos
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