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bright lights

The last couple of days feels like all Stevan all the time. Saturday night we went out around town and ended up at Henry's, chain smoking and just being retarded. I don't know why but asians NEVER card me for ciggarettes! It's weird. Anyways Sunday was a cause for celebration so I picked up Steve, and hung out with Ana and him for a bit at the mall. Me and Ana had to listen to Steve and Jamal talk about other hot girls which was annoying for both of us so we peaced out of there pretty fast. Then Ana decided to be a good student and do her work so I dropped her at Sophia's then grabbed Steph to hit up some Baby J. Stephanie's sister was having a bday party but me and Steve talked her out of that one pretty fast...I guess her sister likes to call me "Lindsay Lohan" because apparantly she doesn't like me and that's supposed to be an insult. COOL. : \ Soooo after that fun-ness we went to Brad's where I saw Aiza, who I hadn't seen in forever, but left pretty fast to go to my house. At like 11:30 Steph had to go home but Stevan spent the night. Scandalous as it may sound, we just watched MTV and made stupid jokes until I finally passed out around 3:30. It was heelll trying to wake up two hours later!! I would have stayed home too if my dad hadn't said he'd be home at 12:00. Too bad he wasn't home till effing 4:00! Grr.

I have a midterm due tomorrow for psych 100. I'm so lazy.. : |

Oh yeah.. prom sucks!! I'm soo broke right now I need to bum like $100 off my dad. Let's see if that actually works, shall we?
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dude im back in the west side, we should chill and smoke or something, cuz i got some hella dank shit right now.