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I am a heart Watson, the rest of me is mere appendix.

Last night was delightful. Minus the guy in the picture, of course. I loved loved LOVED Forgive Durden, and This Providence was just pretty. I was right in my predictions of not having a good time with the guy, but thank god Ana was at the show! I got in the mosh pit (remember me always saying I would never EVER do that?...well...Jamais Vu makes you do crazy things) and Ana got a fat lip! Hardcore. When we got back to my house we found a few drinks leftover in my room from earlier in the evening, and being the sensible young woman that I am, I downed them all. I was basically Ana's entertainment for the next hour before I passed out. Wasted me trying to surf the internet, pour cereal, get a spoon out of the drawer...pure comedy.

Mmm Indie boys.
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